So yesterday my update was really not an update, so let me give a true update on our health status.  Everything seems to be holding the same.  We still have not had more vaccinations.  We will wait until our next PCR test and decide then.  Cooper's behavior still sucks.  No other way to say it.  I know, I know... he's a puppy.  I forgot how it is.... but man is he cute & sweet!

For those of you in Houston, we all know yesterday was the election for city mayor.  No doubt the next mayor will have unbelievable big shoes to fill.  Bill White was on most counts an excellent mayor and I wish him well (and my support) in his bid for governor.  However, I do think that Anise Parker (the winner) is not the best choice for issues concerning BARC.  I know she has at least a dog, but owning a full breed is not the same thing as being involved with the rescue community.  Gene Locke definitely was the better choice for BARC.  He had at least a plan.  That being said, without the BARC issue, I probably would have voted for Annise.  I guess I've turned into a "litmus test" voter.  : )

And on the subject of BARC, there is a new director.  Read the article at the Houston Press.  I will spoil one aspect for you though.  The guy's experience is from being a regional SALES manager for who? who? 24 Hour Fitness.  REALLY?  No offense to the new guy (maybe he's a genius) but COME ON.  I have a membership to 24 Hour, and other than the personal trainers, the people that work there are not that trustworthy or particularly compassionate.  Especially sales.  I mean these are the King Douche-bags of the world in my opinion.

Oh, for those that don't about the Lyla blog (another dog with distemper), there was a very sad update yesterday.  Check it out. Lyla, CDV, and me.

What We've Done

Have you voted?  Remember today is runoff day in Houston.  Anyways, I've been lazy with the blog writing since it became the holidays.  I did get an email regarding various requests on what I did and didn't do for Cooper.  I'm taking the lazy route out and just posting it down here.  It was written on Novemeber 17th.

Cooper seems to be recovered.  I say seems to be because although he has had no outward signs of the virus since early October, his last PCR test for the virus was still positive.  The vet says that it can take months for it to clear out.  He is of course still in the time frame for the neurological hitting, but that is getting less likely.  Christmas is kind of my target date for breathing a sigh of relief.

As to treatment... like most people it was mostly palliative.  He got lots of IV fluids and antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections, including pretty bad pneumonia.  However, my vet and I did do 2 alternative courses of treatment.  First of all, within the 2nd day of the pneumonia, I started him on a supplement called TranferFactor Plus.  It was recommended to me by someone online, and I figured why not.  It sounded like it would likely be an empty bottle of hope, but I now believe it helped.  My vet also did his own research and I think he talked to or communicated with a vet in Austin who had successful experience with the human grade of the supplement and distemper.  Cooper is still taking it, but only one capsule a day.  The second treatment we did started after the pneumonia cleared.  It is an iv injection called immunoregulin.  I have no idea whether it helped or not, but we did it anyways.  

Some other things... for most of the worse part of his illness I was staying at my parents house.  My mom being who she is kept his room clean to the point of craziness.  She covered the floor with sheets because the room was carpeted and changed them daily.  Also I do believe in high quality dog food.  He has been on Wellness Puppy since I got him.

I should add that there are several things we did NOT do.  We did not (and still have not) boostered him with the vaccine combo that includes distemper.  It is a partially live vaccine and we are being overly cautious.  He also was not fixed until a few days ago.

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