Adoption Anniversary

It was one year ago yesterday that this adventure started.  That morning I woke up thinking I would go look at dogs at CAP, in far west Houston.  I was still in severe hurt from the loss of my 14 year old Onyx.  I wasn't ready for a new friend.  But like they say, sometime you just have to jump in with 2 feet.  It was around lunch time that I left the house, but once I got onto I-10, I exited so that I could get directions to the Houston pound (BARC) instead.  I had heard on the radio they were have some special dog adoption event.  (I read this to mean there were too many and a massive killing was around the corner).

So off I went to a part of Houston I had never been to.  I have never been to a pound, but I think everyone should.... you have to see.  It is overwhelming.  I think within 15 seconds I had tears streaming down my face.  Its horrifying.  I played with a black lab mix who had been severely burned.  Being the bleeding heart, I was sure this was the dog, however she wasn't up for adoption.  I have to say I didn't get too close to any of the ones I met.  I wasn't ready, remember.  I did keep passing a fuzzy, young, black and white guy that kept giving me the googly eyes.  I walked past twice.  Played with him twice.  I was pretty adamant I would get a black female dog, not a funny spotted male.  As they say, the rest is history.

He was sick 2 days later.

He has not any symptoms of the distemper since October and tested negative finally for the virus in January.  One year later, he has shown no signs of neurological issues... unless you count his shoe obsession!  He is thriving.  He is at 45 pounds and is VERY athletic.  He loves playing with my dad's dog Sherlock and loves play in general.  Boring he is not.

I am so thankful that he has survived.  I really can't believe it sometimes.  He was just so sick.  We didn't do anything special to celebrate yesterday.  Just a bath I guess.  He brings joy (and sometimes annoyance) to  everyone he meets.  As for me, I never thought I would ever feel the way I do about another dog again.  He is one special dude.


So I am going to Louisiana this weekend. In the past the dogs went with us but according to my mother they aren't welcome. I'm pretty nervous about leaving Cooper at the vet. How boring. I would prefer to leave him in a better environment, but my mom made the arrangements pretty much without my consent. My dad's dog will be there too. Maybe that sounds better but in reality they won't be in a shared space.

Cooper and I have not been apart since I adopted him. Is there such a thing as separation anxiety in humans? I guess so.

The whole thing is crap in my opinion.

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May Update

My New Year's Resolution to keep up with Cooper's blog is going so well!  (wink, wink)!

The old adage that no news is good news is true in this case.  Cooper is doing great and there have been NO SIGNS of the distemper.  I could blame his drive and ability to destroy my shoes and clothes as a side effect, but you and I both know that's probably not true!  R.I.P. green Sofft shoes.... I miss you.

In all seriousness he is doing very well.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that he was so sick.  We are now off of the Wellness puppy food and have switched to adult food.  I was going to stay with Wellness, but Whole Foods started carrying Castor & Pollux Ultramix, which was my late dog Onyx's favorite food, so we are trying that.  I'm not sure its as "whole" but he likes it.  He also enjoys playing and is a bit like the energizer bunny in that regard.  He and my dad's dog Sherlock get along like gang busters.  They play, and play, and play.  One of the great things about Cooper is that once he is tired from playing, he is one cuddly dude!  I swear he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  (Steve, he is sorry about peeing on you.  I promise it was just excitement.)


So its been a while.  I got very lazy with the blogging the past few months.  You'll totally forgive me though because I have some outstanding news.  We did another PCR test of the urine last week and there was NO SIGN of the distemper.  He tested NEGATIVE.  Can you believe it?  I feel like pinching myself.

So... all in all, we are probably out of the woods.  I'll admit it, I had a good cry to release some of the stress.  Yes, there is still a chance its hiding somewhere... but I think all in all the chances of his survival are pretty good now.  There are some dogs who have an encephalitis type relapse when they are old, but for now its all good.

So the plan now is to get boostered for all the shots we need, but didn't have "just in case".  I admit it makes me nervous to do anything (even the heartworm pill he gets makes me nervous) but I'm hoping its fine.    I don't want to wait anymore because we really need to go to obedience class to get socialized.  Cooper is a bit of a brat on the leash (lunging, barking, etc) and that is not fun.  Well, to be honest, he's a brat in general.  I think I have treated him like a sick puppy for just a wee too long.  For example, letting him walk along the back of the couch is probably not a good idea. : )

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