Not A Fun Weekend

So. I've been pretty bummed about the still positive PCR test from Cooper's urine.  I did talk to the vet and he said it is possible that the urine will come back positive for quite a while.  Ugh.  So why was the weekend not fun, you ask?  Could it be the weather?  No, that was quite awesome.  Lack of sleep?  No, I slept like 20 hours so far.  Maybe its all the diarrhea I've cleaned up? DING DING DING!

It started yesterday.  Let me say that throughout the distemper he has only had minor tummy issues.  I don't know whether this is distemper connected or if its some other bug, but he was going every 30 min to an hour..... literally wherever he was standing.  Now the good news is that it wasn't much each time, but it did become bloody, probably from inflammation.  I had to go to Petco and buy more of that stain remover.... Nature's Miracle.  Anyways, the diarrhea seems to have stopped for now.  Needless to say, off to the vet tomorrow.  I hope its not giardia.  That is apparently really hard to get rid of, but fits his being a stray.

I came across another blog of a woman going through the distemper curse with her rescue.  Check it out.


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