I'm Tired

I'm soooo tired the past few days.  I hope I'm not getting sick.  Cooper had another Immunoregulin.  He is still improving and growing.  His "true" personality is showing it seems.  He is quite the demanding fellow... and isn't afraid to bark to get what he wants.  He has dug up the carpet in two places now.  He also tore up a good part of his bedding.  Ever since he became Mr. Destruction, I've been keeping him in the bathroom with his crate pushed up to the entrance.  I have to also then put a baby gate on top of the crate because he jumps like a grasshopper.  I'm guessing he has some sort of separation anxiety.  LOVELY.  Based on my experience with Onyx, he is not going to outgrow it.  I'll need to work with him on not getting anxious when I leave.  Those that knew Onyx know I'm well experienced with the separation anxiety problem.  It took years, but Onyx got over it.


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