Big Thanks To All

I am very touched by the supportive emails I am getting.  One of those was from a local (Houston) rescue group.  She shared with me that her group has also dealt with the distemper issue.  I applaud and admire her for the commitment to taking care of these souls.  Good grief!  I would be a mess!  Anyways, please consider adopting a dog from Red Collar Rescue, if you are thinking about adding to your family now, or in the future.  At the very least, please consider donating to this group.  It is the real deal.

On a lighter note, Sherlock and Cooper met finally.  It was unplanned of course!  For those that don't know Sherlock is my dad's dog.  He's a rescue too (and what a story THAT is).  My parents have been helping me out during all the trials and tribulations of Mr. Cooper.  My dad is retired, so he watches him during the day.  It has been a full time job I believe keeping Sherlock (aka Shirly the horse) and Cooper separated.  Why you ask?  Well, Sherlock has been vaccinated of course for distemper, but like any virus there are different strains.  Sherlock cannot wait to play with Cooper! 


Anonymous said...

Sending my positive thoughts to Cooper too.

Robyn said...

All the way from Lubbock, Texas.....thanks! Thanks so much for taking care of this little guy. I will never do anything but adopt, and shun those who only buy. I spend my free weekends from law school volunteering at all of the shelters here, and you wouldn't believe these dogs' stories! I love both of my adopted boys--1 I just adopted in April, and he is 11 and has been living in the shelter his whole life. He is the best dog ever! Mister Cooper will pull through......and Austin, Buddy, and I have Cooper in our thoughts and prayers.

-Robyn, Austin (around 6 yrs old border collie mix), and Buddy (around 11 yrs old shep mix)

Susan said...

Please know that there are many good thoughts and prayers going out to both you and Mr. Cooper. I know it's difficult but more and more of these little souls are making it through due to the kindness and love of people like you. Special blessings to you both.

Brooke said...

I hope Cooper is doing well and having some fun with you!

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