Good Times

Well, no updates in a while because things have been going well. Cooper has one more day of being wormed. I don't think his paw pads are getting worse, and everyday his cough is getting less and less.

Since he was sick most of the time I had him, I'm seeing his true personality. I've discovered some things about Cooper:
1) He is related to plastic man. It doesn't matter how high or far an item is on the cabinets, he can reach it. Well, I assume its him.... maybe he has an invisible helper.
2) Tissues are yummy.
3) All pillows, stuffed toys, and clothes are very sexy. I'm not going to say it... if you have ever owned a male dog, then you know.
4) He defies the Law of Conservation of Matter. More "matter" comes out of him, than goes in.

I am still trying to reach BARC. Yesterday I was on hold for 40 minutes. I gave up. Part of adopting from BARC is agreeing to return to have them neutered. Well, my deadline was yesterday. Ummm, news to BARC: my dog will never set a paw pad on your premises again!


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