I've kind of run out of steam. I am so depressed about the whole prospect of Cooper having a seizure at any moment. Its like an invisible knife is swinging over his head. Last night he was having trouble breathing and I wasn't sure whether it was tremors. So, sleeping has been difficult for me. Today he seems fine for the most part... his rash is back though and he's itchy.

I'm also torn between what to believe about how bad the strain is he has.... I mentioned previously that in my research, the hard pad stuff is a bad sign. Dr. Shows says not neccessarily. I believe the rash he has had is also part of the virus (again based on my research), but this supposedly means a favorable prognosis.

I am still pretty ticked off at the whole BARC thing. I haven't mentioned yet, but I was pretty disgusted with the vet that I saw when I was checked out of BARC. I now fully believe she had to know he was a suspicious distemper case because his kennel card had mentioned fever or something of the sort a few days earlier. He also had a skin rash, with psoriasis type crusts in places. I also pointed out to her his goopy eyes. She said it was "allergies" and gave me an antibiotic. (yes, antibiotics for an allergy). I know now these were all early warning signs of the distemper. That being said... I'd probably have adopted him anyways. So no regrets, just complete sadness that this is happening. Human beings are pretty questionable stewards of this planet, in my opinion.

I've attached a link to his kennel card. I'm too lazy to figure out how to put it properly, so you may not see it directly.


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