In Town For the Weekend

So, we came home to my house for the weekend.  He seems sufficiently okay for me to start having some life again.  Although, I am worried that the hyperkeratosis on his paws is still active.  They aren't getting worse per say, but places get better, while new places have thick spots.  So now that I'm here I need to Lysol bomb the place and wash everything I can.  I've read the distemper virus doesn't live long, especially in sunlight and heat, but just in case.

We go back to the vet on Monday for our next Immunoregulin treatment, so I'll go back to Katy probably Sunday night to stay at the folks.  I'm pretty lucky to have them close by.  My dad has been helping by watching him during the day when I'm at work.  He's run him to the vet a few times too, so he's certainly being cared for!


Anonymous said...

Not that this will make anything better, but I have a similar situation. I took my 10 month old male in to a vet close to were I work to get neutered in which he needed a rabies shot. He's never been to any vet before. My pups live in the country with a 6 ft privacy fence. Well, before they got him to the scale, he bit two techs. They reported it and then he was quarentined in the Montgomery County Animal Shelter (Conroe)for 9 days. Sept. 3rd I picked him up, soaked in urine, lost half his weight, hair falling out and terrified. Sept 4th I took him to a vet I have used in the past for other dogs. I told them I thought he had distemper. I was assured it wasn't and they started him on antibiotics. Once a week he went to the vet as he would get better, than worse. He went through periods of fever and not eating. Finally on the 16th when I took him in sick still, they did a distemper test and the results were positive. Now, what I haven't said is that I have 4 other dogs and 4 pups born 8/10/09 in the same yard. I was told to bring the pups in for the distemper vaccine. I told them I couldn't afford to do that for the 4 of them after what I've spent for the first dog. So, I went to the feed store and bought 8 distemper vaccines at 6.50 each. It may be too late but I vaccinated one dog and 4 pups so far. So, you can only know I understand your ups and downs, not knowing what to expect or when and all the while hoping for the best. Since the last antibiotics, he has gained weight and is very active even though he is still coughing and sneezing. This week it's my mother dog with the gooey eyes, lack of movement, and labored breathing.

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